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Hytera PT580H
Hytera PT580H

Hytera PT580H TETRA two way radio is arguably one of the most feature packed two way radios on the market.


  • High quality Full Colour Screen with adjustable brightness and nighttime mode colour invert.
  • IP67 Dust and waterproof to military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and passed the HALT tests (Highly Accelerated Life Test).
  • Additional features including voice recording, GPS and end-to-end encryption*.
  • ETSI TETRA standard compliant to work on multiple manufacturer's networks.
  • Integrated GPS antenna in middle position, providing omni-directional antenna pattern.

* may require additional licence purchase

Technical Information

Frequency Band 350–400MHz / 380–430MHz
410–470MHz / 806–870MHz
Acc. Connector PD7xx Equivalent
RF Power Up to 3 W (adjustable)
Max. 1.8 W at 806–870MHz
Keypad Full Keypad
Display Full Colour
Dimensions 127.5×54.5×35.5mm
Weight 237g
Battery Life Upto 16 hours

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