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Motorola MTP3250 is the entry level radio packing in all the TETRA essentials and providing an easy transition from analogue to digital radio.


The MTP3250 is the full keypad version. For the limited keypad version, see the Motorola MTP3200.


  • 350-470MHz Freq. Band
  • 1.8W & 1W Transmitter RF Power
  • Simple (Limited) Keypad
  • -30 to +60 °C Operating Temperature
  • -40 to +85 °C Storage Temperature
  • Humidity Protection
  • IP65/66/67 Dust and Water Protection
  • ETSI 300 Shock, Drop & Vibration

Technical Information

Frequency Band 350-470MHz
RF Power Class 3L (1.8W) and Class 4 (1W)
Keypad Basic Keypad
IP Rating IP65/66/67
Dimensions 124 x 53 x 33.5mm
Weight 280g w/Batt & Ant

Motorola MTP3000 Series Product Comparison

  MTP3100 MTP3150 MTP3200 MTP3250 MTP3500 MTP3550
Keypad Style Limited Full Limited Full Limited Full
IP65/66/67 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Location Services No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Man Down No No No No Yes Yes
Vibrate Alert No No No No Yes Yes
End to End Encryption No No No No Yes Yes
Motorola AM8023LI

2300mAh Non Genuine Battery

Code: AM8023LI
Price: £45.00

Motorola NNTN8020

1700mAh, IP55 Li-Ion Battery

Code: NNTN8020
Price: £47.50

Motorola NNTN8023

2200mAh, IP55 Li-Ion Battery

Code: NNTN8023
Price: £57.00

Motorola NNTN8023

Personal UK plug in charger.

Code: PS000042A33
Price: £17.60

Motorola NNTN8246

UK radio & battery charger.

Code: NNTN8246
Price: £46.00

Motorola PMLN6495

UK radio & battery charger.

Code: PMLN6495
Price: £54.00

Motorola PMLN8234

Single charger - base only.

Code: PMLN8234
Price: £44.00

Motorola NNTN8146

UK iTM enabled 6-way charger.

Code: NNTN8146
Price: £391.00

Motorola NNTN8153

6-way battery only charger.

Code: NNTN8153
Price: £353.00

Motorola NNTN8037

battery only insert for MUC.

Code: NNTN8037
Price: £12.60

Motorola NNTN8036

MTP3000 radio insert for MUC.

Code: NNTN8036
Price: £18.90

Motorola NNTN6844

Wall bracket for 6-way MUC.

Code: NNTN6844
Price: £173.00

Motorola NNTN7560

Storage unit for 6-way MUC.

Code: NNTN7560
Price: £173.00

Motorola NNTN8040

In car charger for MTP3000.

Code: NNTN8040
Price: £18.30

Motorola 85012031001 Antenna

380-430MHz Whip Antenna

Code: 85012031001
Price: £10.10

Motorola 85012033001 Antenna

380-430MHz Stubby 80mm

Code: 85012033001
Price: £11.30

Motorola 85012056001 Antenna

380-430MHz Stubby 55mm

Code: 85012056001
Price: £12.60

Motorola 85012065001 Antenna

410-470MHz Whip Antenna

Code: 85012065001
Price: £10.10

Motorola 85012066001 Antenna

410-470MHz Stubby Antenna

Code: 85012066001
Price: £12.60

Motorola PMLN5885B

Hard Leather, 3" Swivel Belt Loop

Code: PMLN5885
Price: £34.50

Motorola PMLN5887

Hard Leather, 3" Fixed Belt Loop

Code: PMLN5887
Price: £31.50