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Motorola MTP850S
Motorola MTP850S

Motorola MTP850S is a high-tier radio packing in all the TETRA essential features but also includes GPS.

Note: This is the MTP850/S. The MTP850 is a different radio. Whilst the MTP850S and MTP850 share the same battery and charger, they have a different accessory connector.


  • Integrated GPS Receiver 
  • Man Down
  • DP Style Accessory Connector
  • 2048 Talkgroups – TMO
  • 1024 Talkgroups – DMO
  • TEA1, TEA2, TEA3 and E2E Encryption (optional)
  • RS–232 Interface (including TETRA PEIAT commands) 
  • 130x130 pixel, 65536 Color Display
  • High receive sensitivity
  • Class 3L (1.8W) power output option

Technical Information

Frequency Band 380-430MHz
Acc. Connector DP
RF Power Class 3L (1.8W) and Class 4 (1W)
Keypad Full Keypad
Motorola FTN6573A Battery

950mAh Lithium Battery

Code: FTN6573
Price: £35.00

Motorola FTN6574A Battery

1850mAh Lithium Battery

Code: FTN6574
Price: £35.00

Motorola PMNN4351A Battery

1850mAh Lithium Battery

Code: PMNN4351A
Price: £35.00

Motorola PMNN4351B Battery

1940mAh Lithium Battery

Code: PMNN4351B
Price: £35.50

Motorola FTN6575A Charger

Single Radio & Battery Charger

Code: FTN6575A
Price: £33.50

Motorola WALN4092A Charger

Single UK/EU Charger

Code: WALN4092A
Price: £9.30

Motorola FLN9469A Car Charger

In Car MTP830S Charger

Code: FLN9469A
Price: £13.50

Motorola NNTN7725B

6-way MTP830S Charger

Code: NNTN7725B
Price: £173.00

Motorola NNTN6848B

6-way MTP830S Charger Insert

Code: NNTN6848B
Price: £22.50

Motorola NNTN6844

Wall bracket for 6-way MUC.

Code: NNTN6844
Price: £173.00

Motorola NNTN7560

Storage unit for 6-way MUC.

Code: NNTN7560
Price: £173.00